Topics in Algebra II

This a short course in Algebra II. It offers the concepts and maturation of mathematical thinking that are recommended for success in Precalculus and Calculus. This set of lessons assumes mastery of most of the content from Algebra I and Topics in Geometry.

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Section 1:
Recursion, Sequences, and Applications
Section 2:
Functions and their Graphs
5. Graphs of Functions
6. Basic Models You Must Know
7. Graphical Interpretation of Sentences Like $\,f(x) = 0\,$ and $\,f(x)\gt 0\,$
8. Graphical Interpretation of Sentences Like $\,f(x) = g(x)\,$ and $\,f(x) \gt g(x)\,$
9. Composition of Functions
Section 3:
Section 4:
Section 5:
Systems of Equations
Section 6:
Section 7:
Graphical Transformations
Section 8:
Quadratic Functions and More
Section 9:
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Section 10:
44. Introduction to Polynomials