Topics in Algebra II

This set of lessons assumes mastery of most of the content from Algebra I and Topics in Geometry. This is not a full course in Algebra II. Instead, it offers concepts and maturation of mathematical thinking that are recommended for success in Precalculus and Calculus.

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Beginning January 2023, I'm updating my Algebra II lessons to my new responsive design. The printed book, however, has my original fixed-width pages, so the formatting is slightly different. The content, however, is identical.

Section 1:
Recursion, Sequences, and Applications
Section 2:
Functions and their Graphs
5. Graphs of Functions
6. Basic Models You Must Know
7. Graphical Interpretation of Sentences Like $\,f(x) = 0\,$ and $\,f(x)\gt 0\,$
8. Graphical Interpretation of Sentences Like $\,f(x) = g(x)\,$ and $\,f(x) \gt g(x)\,$
9. Composition of Functions
Section 3:
Section 4:
Section 5:
Systems of Equations
Section 6:
Section 7:
Graphical Transformations
Section 8:
Quadratic Functions and More
Section 9:
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Section 10:
44. Introduction to Polynomials