One Mathematical Cat, Please! Understanding Calculus

Calculus book main cover

Curious about Calculus? Want honest content, but a bit ‘slower and kinder’ than traditional Calculus books?

Like the way I explain things in Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Precalculus? Then, this book is for you.

It's a complete Calculus course. You can read it online (free, below) or buy a printed version.

I call it the ‘warrior cat’ book because of the print-version cover. (You can read about these four cats in my Mathematical Cat Gallery: numbers 23, 24, 25 and 26.)

Read the ‘Warrior Cat’ Book For Free Online

Gone through my online curriculum through Precalculus? Then, jump right into Chapter 3.

Haven't been using my lessons? No problem. The first two chapters review essential material and introduce you to all the math language concepts you'll need.

This link is for the COMPLETE book (about 47 MB).

It's a BIG file, and may take time to load into your browser. So, you may prefer individual sections below. However, it's certainly easier to search for stuff when it's all in one place.

Print Version of the ‘Warrior Cat’ Book (and Complete Solution Manual)

Calculus book main cover
Understanding Calculus
(the main text)

The PRINT version of the Warrior Cat book is for those of us who like to highlight, write in margins, feel the paper between our fingers.

Both the online and print versions include selected solutions: odd-numbered end-of-section exercises and Quick Quiz Problems.

Calculus solution manual
Complete Solution Manual

For ALL the solutions, I also offer a Complete Solution Manual. It includes completely-written-out solutions to:

Calculus Index Cards

I also offer a set of Calculus Index Cards. Hold the entire course in the palm of your hand!

Calculus index cards


The materials in green give unlimited online practice and/or supplement the text.

ABBREVIATED SOLUTIONS: Odd-Numbered End-of-Section Exercises and Quick Quiz Problems
Chapter 1 (453–457)
Chapter 2 (458–462)
Chapter 3 (463–469)
Chapter 4 (470–476)
Chapter 5 (477–479)
Chapter 6 (480–482)
Chapter 7 (483–486)
INDEX (487–497)