Note from Carol: We've put this page on my website so I can brag about Ray! Besides being my go-to guy whenever I have any computer questions, he also fills my life with beautiful music. He's amazing!

Bethlehem Town

Arranged by Ray Burns for TTBB with Piano, Cowbell and Maraca

I [Ray] made this arrangement of Bethlehem Town for a four-part men's group for our Ranch Ward Christmas Party in December 2022. Live performers were:

We practiced together just under 2 hours, except Porter who practiced with us about 10 minutes. Everyone seemed to love the performance, saying it was ‘amazing,’ ‘phenomenal,’ etc.

I asked the vocalists to make recordings of their parts, and I mixed together a ‘studio’ recording with no background noise for your enjoyment.

The recording and sheet music are being released in the public domain for all to enjoy. You can download them here:

(To download, right-click or long-press the link, then choose ‘Save As’ or ‘Save Link As’ from the menu.)