Adult/Baby/Toddler/Kid Activities

I am a Grandma
and get to
♥♥ spend regular time with my granddaughter.♥♥

Here are things we do at different ages.
I want to keep track of them!

This page covers newborn to age 24 months.

Activities for other ages:


This is us.
I am happy happy happy!!
Being a ‘nearby Grandma’

Talk to them! Be silly!
Here's a video clip of silliness!

Cuddle! Hug! Laugh!
Make a ‘color-wave blanket’
from scraps.

A mobile is great over the crib.
My daughter made this!


Very young:
baby on floor
by piano
in my lap

We play music!
She ‘plays’ keys!
We sing!
She LOVES it!

singing songs

Write the day's plans on an easel.
(I bought an infant carrier, but never used it.
I just carry her—great exercise!)

Make a stuff organizer

‘Snap’ the legs of a stuffed animal
into clothes to keep it nearby.

Read read read
You can't get too much of this at any age!
We often write in the front of our books:
‘Read by Grandma and Alex, (date)’
So much fun to look back at, years later!

Wagon rides
(or stroller/carriage rides)

Make a memory quilt.
(This photo is with Alex at about 17 months... and 25 blocks done!)

Before sitting,
I would carefully prop her up
(constantly supervised)
to watch birds in our ‘critter area’.

Carry her around
to get the ‘lay of the land’.

Play peek-a-boo!
(34 seconds)

Lots of rocking
(We have a double rocker inside
and a glider outside.)

Sitting and Beginning to Creep/Crawl

Starting to sit
opens up lots of new play!
Stacking blocks are a good toy.

Oh boy!
Beef kale meatball
and strawberries.
Messy eating opportunities!

At Grandma's house,
we use the ‘Sassy Seat’ for eating/more.
She loves these homemade memory cards.
I put velcro on them—she loves to pull them apart!

More musical opportunities!
(59 seconds)

Velcro fruits are perfect
for a love of pulling things apart
(and a love of fruits).

Regular trips to the park and zoo
(these are musical bars)

Watch ducks
(and turtles and frogs)
at a nearby pond

Use ‘big kid’ stuff
(with proper supervision)

A big exercise mat is fantastic
as kids start to creep/crawl.
(34 seconds)

Kitchen bowls/utensils are a fantastic toy!

Practice with a spoon!

Loves the toddler swing!

Really enjoys stuffed animals

The big bag of (mostly) McDonald Happy Meal toys
(accumulated long ago) provides hours of fun
(always supervised, since everything still goes into the mouth)

Who knew diapers
could be so much fun!?

Selfies are fun at all ages!

She loves loves loves her books!
(pushing buttons on Usborne books)
(17 seconds)

Push toys work well
for developing standing/walking skills
(13 seconds)

Fun at the piano with Grandpa

Getting pushed around the house
in a laundry basket
(with a book—life doesn't get much better!)

Playing with dirt
and bird seed

The first time Alex tried this tent swing,
she wasn't quite sure what to make of it.
Shortly after, it turned into her favorite swing!!
(I put a round doggie-bed inside to make it more comfy.)
She likes to spin around, and around, and around!

Walking and Beyond (up to 24 months)

Update: Mudpuppy puzzles are extremely high-quality,
with thick, sturdy pieces.
This ‘kindness’ set builds in difficulty.
For bigger puzzles, like Woodland Forest Search,
we make the puzzle together,
then disassemble a ‘chunk’ (like a corner)
for Alex to put together on her own.

Big tubes

Beach time!

I can dress myself
and be sooooo fashionable!

In the hammock with a snack

Working hard in the kitchen

Pretend play
(26 seconds)

Little slide
(1 minute 7 seconds)

Getting really good with a spoon
(47 seconds)

Books with flaps

A special chair for reading

Chunky chalk drawing outside
(lots of adult help here)

Flannel board and felt
(Practice with letters, colors, shapes ... lots more!)
FLANNEL BOARD ACTIVITIES: is an amazing resource!
Here's her full playlist.

Little rollercoaster car
At 17 months, Alex needs help getting in,
and she can't push it up the track herself yet.
But she loves loves loves riding it down!
Update: By age two,
Alex can push it up and ride it down entirely by herself.

Letters (about 17 months)
(‘M’ is actually one of her best and favorite letters!)
(love how she stacks the letters so neatly)
(1 minute 21 seconds)

Water play
(Look carefully to see the sprinkler.)

Go for a ride in the mining cart
(She's signing ‘more’!)

Wander around and explore

(it has different configurations for different ages/abilities)
It's compact enough to fit through our desert paths!

Play Doh
(we have Milk and Cookies and
Shape and Learn Make and Measure)
At this age, she uses a booster seat
together with 3" chair risers.

(we have Picture Play Set—Pets)

Dress up!
Play piano (without any help)!

Tiny Tears (from Carol's youth)

Sit & Spin
Grandpa Ray taught Alex (18 months)
how to spin this all by herself
(35 seconds)

Melissa & Doug magnetic dress-up doll

August 2020
Alex got this tiny Korg piano
at age 1, but didn't use it much
(on her own) until about
8 months later.
Now she loves it!
She ‘knows’ every song in
Music for Very Little People:
turn to the page, she says the lyrics or does the action.
(1 minute, 2 second video)

September 2020
Grandma's big helper!
(21 second video)

September 2020
Moving from crib to toddler bed at 1 year 9 months!
(That's Grandpa Ray setting things up with us...)
She doesn't really have that many boo-boos.
She loves band-aids ...
She loves to ‘dab-dab’ calamine lotion ...

September 2020
Bake and cook
(standing on a chair,
helping with chocolate mousse)

October 2, 2020
Put together a jigsaw puzzle
(45 seconds)

October 6, 2020 (17 seconds)
First computer game!
She's practicing the
one-to-five number sequence
at SplashLearn.
(They stopped letting us use it
without paying—drat!)
I created my own
counting game for toddlers here.

October 2020
A real tea party
(with chamomile tea and homemade chocolate chip cookies).
The wooden pastry tower is from Tender Leaf toys.
The china tea set is from Carol's childhood!

December 2020 (2 years old)
Water Wow Activity pads
Fun and mess-free—it's just water!
Do a page, let it dry, do it again (and again and again).
Alex now has a clear preference for her right hand.
We were careful not to impose any preference.

December 2020 (36 seconds)
Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Activity Pad
(She's singing Baby Shark at the end!)
I peel off the paper that surrounds the stickers.
Then, I logically re-arrange the stickers on the sheet,
and attach identifying labels (as best I can).

December 2020 (33 seconds)
Lite Brites
Alex's fine motor skills are extraordinary.
It's too hard for her to push the peg through the paper:
she shows me where she wants to put the peg,
I punch it, then she puts it in.

December 2020 (31 seconds)
Lite-brites are also fun to sort!
(I love how she fixes the ‘mistake’ at the end.)

December 2020
Rocking and Reading
Grandpa Vreeland (Carol's Dad's father) made the
toddler-size rocking chair almost six decades ago!
We have a ‘Charlie Brown’ Christmas tree.

December 2020 (34 seconds)
Pretend Play with Doll House Furniture
Both Tender Leaf and Hape
are high quality.
We have a slight preference for Tender Leaf.
(The wooden step stool is perfect
for reaching the counter.)