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Here is my most recent video:

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They are best watched in order: #1, #2, #3, #4
Video #1: Welcome!
(4 minutes 58 seconds)
  • Who am I?
  • my homepage
  • Algebra I course
  • green flashes—MathJax
  • reading the text
  • using web exercises
  • timing yourself
  • printing worksheets
  • concept questions
Video #2: Power Users
(4 minutes 47 seconds)
  • finding me from anywhere:
    Google ‘math cat burns’
  • using the Google search box to search my site
  • Doing the exercises FAST:
    enter, type answer, tab
    enter, type answer, tab
    No mouse needed after the first click!
  • Algebra Pinball!
  • checking for fastest times
Video #3: Philosophy of my site
(4 minutes 49 seconds)
  • recommendation: watch
    my interactive slide show
  • worksheet for teacher's substitute folder
  • key philosophy of this site:
    learn the language of math while you're learning math
  • the original ‘cat’ book:
    highly recommended reading
Video #4: Some Final Thoughts
(4 minutes 55 seconds)
  • my credentials: Doctor of Arts in Mathematics
  • Geometry: emphasis on mathematical proof; includes tutorials and worksheets for GeoGebra
  • Algebra II: emphasis on functions and families of functions
  • remember: you need the foundational material from the original ‘Cat’ book!
  • SAT PREP: materials for an eight week, one hour/week course
  • MCAS math prep
  • I haven't cluttered my site with advertisements
  • JSXGraph: solves all my dynamic graphing needs
  • how to support my site (at no cost to you)
  • fun facts about me
Video #5: Improving your Viewing Experience
(1 minute 1 second)
If you're using Firefox or Internet Explorer, then the mathematics might not be as beautiful as it can be.

This short video shows how you can change one setting, to improve your viewing experience.