Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400 QCP Sewing Machine

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My first sewing project with my new 9400 QCP:
a ‘tutorial’ sewing machine cover

The different-colored squares indicate groupings.
For example, the yellow squares shown here
are the heirloom stitches.

I don't yet have the correct insert
for my Janome universal table,
hence the gap around the machine.

I used the fonts to make notes
of things I want to remember.

samples of different applique styles

A multi-purpose stitch sampler for the Janome 9400 QCP

I wanted longer stitch samples than what my tutorial cover (above) provided.
This two-sided stitch sampler is now a fantastic resource:
all my stitches at-a-glance!

The Janome universal table is hospital white, and doesn't fit the room decor.
I drape the stitch sampler over the table,
and it's a colorful addition to the room.
The stitch sampler can also be used
as a table runner (either side).

I sewed velcro on one end,
so the stitch sampler can also be used
as an office ‘door’.

Here is a close-up of part of the white/gold side.

On the colorful side,
each different fabric strip shows off a single stitch.

I opted for rows of stitches only on the white/gold side,
so I could fit all the stitches on the sampler
without it being too big.

This was also a great project for using up
lots of excess fabric pieces and thread.