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How does Chocolate Math Work?

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HTML class 2005


Welcome to my chocolately page! This is a perplexing math game (don't worry, it's not that complicated) where you pick one number in the beginning, go through a series of seemingly random mathematical steps, and come out with a very predictable result. Just try it—it's cool and involves chocolate! ^_^


  1.  Go down through each step by calculating the answers yourself (try to use paper instead of a calculator).

  2.  Put your answer in the field under each question and press "Check."

  3.  DON'T pick zero for the first number, or any other number afterwards.
      I dare you to put a zero in one of them... you'll be sorry...

  1. How many times a week would you like to eat chocolate?
    (Pick a number between 1 and 9.
    Sorry about you chocolate addicts out there.)

  2. Multiply that number by 2.

  3. Add 5.

  4. Multiply by 50.

  5. Have you had your birthday yet this year?

  6. Enter the year you were born (yyyy).

    Subtract your birth year from the number you got in step 5.