#1200 microwave in Mom's room, 17" x 12" x 10" Mary Ann
#1197 videotape, says "52 Hubbard Street" Sandy
#1194 large lined felt cape Mary Ann
#1193 travel bag, folds up into a zippered 8" square pouch Kit
#1177 Sears, video transfer organizer kit (a gigantic box with a manilla folder inside) Mary Ann (wants to look at it)
#1176 Lane small cedar box with prayers inside, 9" x 4" x 4" Mary Ann
#1175 Dad's dance notebook; a dance book Carol (Mary Ann will get a copy)
#1173 1 owl bookend Rick, Mary Ann [Kit]
#1169 Michael J. Fox, Lucky Man Mary Ann
#1168 part of the room monitor system; goes with #1101 Rick
#1166 origami and metal puzzles Marybelle (Mary Ann thinks these belong to Marybelle)
#1165 religious books/pamphlets Sandy
#1161 lots of CDs Mom had in her room Mary Ann (needs to look at them)
#1160 microwave rice pack, 8" x 5" Mary Ann
#1157 puzzle pieces to add to the "miscellaneous" bag Rick
#1152 framed photo of young Rick, Ben/Jessica keychain, each about 2.5" wide Kit
#1144 hammock for a doll? 39" long Bethany
#1136 back scratchers Rick (just one)
#1132 cassette tape player, 10" x 6" Sandy
#1125 2 miscellaneous keys Mary Ann (wants to set aside until identified)
#1121 3 sand dollars Sandy [Bethany]
(there are several; perhaps Bethany can have one)
#1118 ceramic dish, 4" diameter Kit
#1116 ring holder, 3" diameter Kit
#1110 coaster, 4" square Mary Ann
#1109 ballroom dancing cassettes Carol/Ray
#1108 wood triangular prism, 4" long (perhaps a corner brace for a drawer?) Mary Ann
#1107 bell, 4" high Rick, Mary Ann (MA wants #1107 or #1104)
#1105 laminated mysteries (first glorious mystery, etc.) Mary Ann
#1104 tiny bell, 2.5" high Mary Ann (wants #1107 or #1104)
#1101 part of room monitor system; goes with #1168 Rick
#1100 metal jewelry stand, 12" high Kit
#1099 Hitachi magic wand Alyssa
#1094 Julia wedding album Julia
#1079 black evening bag, 7" square Marybelle
#1070 flashlight, 4" long Rick
#1068 coin-wrapping tools and wrappers Sandy
#1067 massage frog Kit
#1066 bonnet Carol/Ray
#1065 fancy satin pillowcase, 16" x 10.5" Marybelle
#1061 leather over-the-shoulder purse, about 11" x 8" Marybelle
#1058 the Jerusalem bible, 10" x 7" Carol/Ray
#1055 the Amplified Bible, Christmas 1969 from Mom to Dad, record of novenas, other notes, 8.5" x 6" Rick
#1042 nesting luggage, 4 suitcases, 1 travel bag, biggest is 27" x 19" x 9" Marybelle
#1041 wooden shelf in Mom/Dad closet (for shoes), 48" x 20" x 8.5" Sandy (needs to check with Francis)
#1040 Trees, by Joyce Kilmer, 7.5" x 11.5" wood frame, back inscribed "to Yula from Ann, Dec 25, 1942", "I think that I shall never see..." Carol
#1020 zipper pouch first aid kit Marybelle
#1017 small leather change purse, 3" x 3" Carol
#1016 Dad's (old?) wallet, "JBV" Sandy
#1014 Mom school award (box says "PV school award"), 2.5" diameter Kit
#1009 wood frame, 9" x 11", "Mother, your life made mine, Your arms were made of tenderness ..." Kit
#1008 Holy Water Sandy [Sarah]
#1004 note card holder, 4" x 4" Kit
#1003 "All that is beautiful shall abide", 8" x 6" Kit
#999 Carol's wedding, 4" x 5" Julia
#997 Dad, in wood frame, 6" x 8" Carol [Julia, Hannah]
#995 Mom and Hannah (labeled Hannah, so it should go to her) Sandy [Hannah]
#993 Dad and Hannah photo, in frame, 5" x 7" Sandy [Hannah]
#984 Haydn symphonies, four hands; Rick and Carol play these Carol [Kit]
#983 Schubert, four hands, volume II Rick [Kit]
#982 Robbins mammoth collection of famous piano music Kit
#981 the Joy of Piano (easy) Sandy
#980 the big book of children's songs, piano, (easy) Sandy
#979 essential keyboard repertoire, 16 early/late intermediate sonatinas, classical to modern Kit
#978 105 favorite hymns Carol
#977 Reader's Digest Children's Songbook Sandy [Kit]
#976 Reader's Digest Popular Songs that will Live Forever Kit
#974 Reader's Digest Festival of Popular Songs Kit
#970 Grandpa V woodenware, 10" x 7" Kit
#969 miscellaneous small carved wooden pieces (several carved from a single block of wood); tiny bell Carol
(both want one carved from a single block of wood)
#968 Grandpa V sleighs, unfinished, with kits to finish Mary Ann
#967 Grandpa V woodenware, 13" x 10" Julia
#965 wood mini corner knick-knack shelf, 10" high Marybelle, Bethany
#962 large wooden tray, 18" x 6" Sandy
#960 2 wood trays, Grandpa V, each 10" x 4.5" Sandy [Julia]
#958 2 well-used Grandpa V woodenware, 7" square Mary Ann
#953 6" top diameter, "presented to Pauline Vreeland with appreciation from the parishioners of St. Ann's, 1-10-88" Sandy
#951 2 cassettes, 1 case, "The California Sound of the 60s", "Barbra Streisand" Kit
#950 exercise bands Marybelle
#949 24" long rubber tube (goes with #915 and #947) Mary Ann
#947 zippered vinyl pouch, 7" x 5" (goes with #915 and #949) Mary Ann
#946 Happy Birthday sign, 11" diameter Sandy
#944 tray, 11" diameter Marybelle
#942 tin of pennies, 3" x 3" x 4" Bethany
#941 car change holder, 4" wide Marybelle
#940 tiny caps for ear buds, maybe? Carol (these go with the hearing aid Carol took)
#939 battery pack for flashlight (#928); I've put these together Marybelle
#938 eye mask and case Bethany
#935 500-piece puzzle Marybelle
#933 each 6.5" x 5" Sandy
#930 happy birthday sign Sandy
#928 flashlight (put together with battery pack, #939) Rick
#924 swiffer mitts Sandy
#923 wood duck roll-of-stamp holder Sandy
#918 swiffer dusters refill Rick [Sarah]
#917 50 colored pencils Bethany
#915 stethoscope, etc. (goes with #947 and #949) Mary Ann
#913 Jacob's ladder Rick
#912 5 lb scale Mary Ann
#908 2 dusters: 12" and 15" Mary Ann
#906 roll of wallpaper Mary Ann
#905 vaporizer Kit
#904 box of candles Sandy
#902 box of haircut equipment MaryBelle
#899 box of haircut equipment, scissors, combs, etc. Mary Ann
#898 4 rubber walker tips Mary Ann
#896 daily moisturing bath single use bath packets Mary Ann (one packet)
#894 metal cat decoration, 12" x 8" Sandy, Mary Ann [Kit, Bethany]
#891 restless leg cream Sandy
#890 box of shoe polishes, creams, brushes, etc. Mary Ann (some)
#886 medicinal skin creams: arnicare gel, neosporin, aloe vera, thentix skin conditioner, etc. Sandy (neosporin only) [Kit]
#884 bandaids, sleep aids, advacal, melatonin, pill box, etc. Mary Ann (green basket is hers; advacal)
#880 aspirin, tylenol, calcium, multi-vitamins, advacal, allergy capsules, aleve, etc. Mary Ann (tylenol, advacal)
#877 rubber ball, about 3" diameter Carol [Bethany]
#875 Crossword Cubes game Sandy
#874 perquackey Sandy
#873 2 skip-bo Kit (1 set)
#872 rook Mary Ann [Kit]
#871 3 puzzle savers Mary Ann (only one)
#869 trivial pursuit Kit
#867 cribbage board (made by Uncle Ed) Sandy
#866 bag of lost puzzle pieces Rick, Sandy, Mary Ann (I believe that Rick has it currently.)
#864 jacks Mary Ann
#863 all monopoly cards, pieces (goes with #844) Mary Ann
#862 bingo Carol
#861 chess Mary Ann
#860 parcheesi Mary Ann
#859 cribbage Rick
#858 mastermind Marybelle
#857 king's corner Mary Ann
#855 play-doh and supplies Mary Ann
#852 a box of MANY decks of playing cards Mary Ann (train and music cards)
#851 stamping fun! Mary Ann
#847 a game Sandy
#846 miscellaneous beads etc. Rick (took some)
#844 monopoly board (goes with #863) Mary Ann
#841 plastic and wood checkers Mary Ann (wood checkers only)
#840 small wooden shapes/blocks (goes with green board of #829) Sandy, Mary Ann
#838 little plastic smiley faces (about 2" diameter) Rick
#837 collection of puzzle books, word finds, etc. Bethany (sudoku only)
Rick (some)
#836 4 Grandpa V candle holders, candles, fake flowers (for candle bases) Sandy, Mary Ann (one square candle holder)
#834 poker chips Kit
#833 lite brite, pegs, sheets Sandy, Mary Ann
#829 peg tiles and 2 boards Sandy/Hannah, Mary Ann
#823 hand weights Kit, Marybelle
#821 this box is NOT the puzzle; note says ‘house like picture with lots of little people doing things’ (will be more challenging with no picture available) Mary Ann
#819 300 piece, large format puzzle, bird house Sandy
#818 300 pieces, EZ grip, make a wish Mary Ann
#817 300 pieces, EZ grip, corner of your life Sandy
#816 300 pieces, EZ grip, colors of awakening Mary Ann
#815 300 pieces, sure grip, berry sweet bunny Sandy
#813 300 pieces, strawberry morning Sandy, Mary Ann (Mary Ann got this for Mom)
#811 photo of Tom Nemes, 5" x 7" Mary Ann
#809 cleaning products: bon ami bar, endust, microwave oven magic, jubilee kitchen wax, kitchen cleaner & wax, goo gone, stop static cling, fuller oven spray, silver polish, dip-it stain remover, wright's brass polish, avon jewelry cleaner, wright's silver cream Mary Ann (goo gone, silver polish)
#807 small plastic basket, 9.5" x 6" Mary Ann
#805 labeled ‘oatmeal’ with instructions taped to container Mary Ann
#801 5.5" diameter pot, with lid Kit
#798 last puzzle Mom made (with Marybelle), 300 large pieces; also, puzzle board (29" x 21") has 4 drawers to hold puzzle pieces Sandy [Marybelle]
#792 set of hanging measuring cups (wood hanger could be un-screwed from wall) Marybelle (Marybelle doesn't need the wood hanger, but would like it; Mary Ann wants to at least duplicate this pattern)
#790 spoon rests (on stove) Marybelle
#785 magna-lite, 5" long Marybelle
#782 two small tins: white ring spot remover, scratch remover Mary Ann (scratch remover only)
#781 night lights Marybelle (red one)
#780 battery checker Marybelle
#776 green candy dish, 6.5" diameter Bethany
#775 2 quart corning ware, with lid Kit
#769 corelle, 8.5" diameter Mary Ann [Kit]
#765 presto pressure cooker with pressure regulator Mary Ann [Marybelle]
#761 glass shallow tray, 9" x 5" Mary Ann (maybe for Linda?)
#760 handmade tray, 10" x 5.5", on back is engraved ‘S.V. [new line] P.7 [?]’ Mary Ann
#759 2 soup mugs Mary Ann (kitty mug only)
#754 glass dish, 7.5" diameter, 3 sections Kit
#749 boonton ware gravy pourer Rick, Mary Ann
#747 large glass punch bowl, 10.5" diameter Sandy
#746 mini-cupcake tins Kit
#744 angel food tin Kit
#741 glass tray, 8.5" long Mary Ann
#740 2 matching glass trays, each 9" x 6", two sections Mary Ann
#729 glass creamer, about 4" high Mary Ann
#728 2 matching small glass pitchers, each 6" high Mary Ann
#727 metal butterfly, about 11" across Mary Ann [Sarah, Hannah, Alyssa]
#726 baking pan, 17" x 13" Sandy, Mary Ann
#725 baking pan, 13" x 10" Kit
#718 2 loaf pans, 3.5" x 6" Kit
#716 for ribbon cookies, 11" x 4" Carol
#713 disposable cutting sheets Carol
Sandy (divided in half)
#711 10" diameter stainless steel bowl Kit
#709 wood rolling pin Sarah
#706 11" diameter pin tin (wide rim) Mary Ann
#703 steamer Carol
#701 10" pyrex pie plate Mary Ann
#699 2 cookie sheets: 11" x 18"; 13" x 18" Sandy
#698 2 flat cookie sheets Sandy [Alyssa (1 sheet), Kit]
#696 extra-large heavy frying pan with lid, 13" diameter Sarah
#695 metal cooling racks Mary Ann Sandy
#694 hand strainer, metal Kit
#693 collapsible metal deep-fry strainer Mary Ann
#690 3 round baking pans, about 14" diameters Mary Ann (one pizza pan)
#689 small sifter, 4" diameter Sandy
#687 splatter guard Sandy
#686 11" x 9" oval corningware Mary Ann
#685 9.5" and 9" diameter cake pans Kit
#683 shelf: 20" x 8.5" x 8.5" Kit
#678 metal, 5" high; cake cooler (coffee cake, angel food cake), should perhaps go with #744 or #697 Mary Ann (maybe)
#675 cookie cutter, 3" diameter, with removable 1" diameter center Sandy
#673 pastry brushes, small scoop Sandy (small scoop only) [Alyssa, small scoop]
#666 assortment of funnels Kit
#665 juicer/strainer, about 3" diameter Kit
#658 ceramic garlic grater, 5" across, rough surface (goes with 668, pastry brush from 673), Mary Ann bought at craft fair, was $20 Carol
#656 wooden bowl, about 6.5" across Kit
#655 Grandpa V wooden ware, 10" x 4.5" Sandy
#649 assortment of canning jars, bands, rims Kit
#648 6 wide-mouth jars, 7" high Kit
#647 many 3" lids Kit
#645 plastic container, 6" high (see also #643) Sarah, Alyssa
#643 "swedish fish" holder, 4" high (see also #645) Sarah
#641 4 glass dessert dishes, 3.5" diameter Kit
#640 2 pyrex dishes, 5" diameters (only 1 shown); with lids (not shown) Sarah
#639 4 pyrex dishes, 3.5" diameter (with lids, not shown) Mary Ann [Sarah, Kit]
#638 2 corningware, 5" diameters (with 1 lid, not shown) Mary Ann (only one)
Kit (other one)
#634 3 pyrex bowls, 6" diameter Kit
#633 4 cup glass liquid measure Kit
#632 boonton ware bowl, 7.5" diameter Sandy? or Mary Ann?
#631 pie plate, 9" diameter Sarah
#630 corning ware, 8" diameter Kit
#629 corning ware, 9" diameter Kit
#625 corning ware, 9" diameter Kit
#624 glass tray, 11" diameter Sandy
#620 28" x 11.5" x 7", wood shelf Alyssa, Kit
#616 glass jar with wood lid, 7.5" high (compare with #545) Bethany
#612 ceramic tea pot, about 7" across Kit
#604 Magic Bullet set Marybelle
#603 electric coffee pot (looks complete) Sandy
#602 electric coffee pot (cords are inside, but no percolator top) Sandy
#600 electric chopper, about 7" wide Sandy
#598 blades for #592/#593 Sandy
#597 electric beater Sandy
#596 electric beater Sandy
#595 Oster ice chopper attachment Sandy
#594 Oster meat grinding attachment Sandy
#593 Oster base for #592 (592/593 will go together) Sandy
#592 Oster attachment: I think this takes various cutting/chopping blades Sandy
#591 Oster attachment: chopper Sandy [Alyssa]
#588 paper lunch bags Sandy [Alyssa]
#587 "topsy" towels Mary Ann
#586 container of plastic clips Kit
#585 baggie ties Sandy
#584 small rubber grip, 5.5" wide Mary Ann [Alyssa]
#582 under-sink shelf unit that held baggies, etc.: 13" wide, 18" high, 17" deep Mary Ann [Kit]
#581 rubbermaid divider, 12" x 7.5" Mary Ann [Kit]
#579 tongs Sandy (large tongs only)
Carol (small tongs only)
#578 can, jar, bottle openers (1 more that is not shown) Carol
#574 roll of sticky labels, each about 2" x 3/4" Sandy, Mary Ann
#567 oven thermometer; meat thermometer Mary Ann [Kit]
#563 corn ear ends Sandy
#562 kitchen shears Carol
#561 pastry blender; nut chopper Mary Ann
#560 2 rubbermaid dividers, each about 13" x 9" Sandy
#557 fondue sticks Sandy
#556 meat tenderizer Carol
#555 not a clue: the wheel spins, 5" long, metal Mary Ann
#553 pizza cutter Mary Ann
#552 maybe to take corn off a cob? Carol
#551 3 different cheese cutters/slicers Alyssa
#550 miscellaneous spatulas, whisks, etc. in plastic bin Mary Ann (only some)
#549 loose tea strainer Alyssa
#548 2 graters, each 8" long
(there is one more, and a holder for all three; not shown)
Mary Ann [Kit]
#547 apple slicer Alyssa
#546 hand beater Alyssa
#545 2 jars with wood lids, about 4" diameter Alyssa
#544 glass jar, 4.5" square base, 7" height Mary Ann
#543 set of rulers Alyssa
#542 tiny wood cutting board, 6.5" x 4" Mary Ann
#541 drain filter, 4.5" top diameter Sandy
#539 2 pitchers Alyssa
#538 nutcracker? Carol
#537 egg slicer Mary Ann [Alyssa]
#536 cleaver, 10" long Kit
#530 assorted wooden utensils in plastic bin Alyssa (2 wooden spoons)
#529 sharpening steel, meat fork Kit
#527 nut crackers and picks Sandy (a couple)
Mary Ann (1 nut cracker, 1 pick)
#526 2 worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, kitchen bouquet browning sauce Mary Ann
#525 baking supplies: toothpicks, decorator tips, sprinkles, paper bake cups, lemon extract, pure anise extract, yellow/red/green food color, vanilla extract Sandy, Mary Ann
#523 assortment of scrub brushes, cleaning utensils, in a plastic container Sandy (scrub brushes only); Kit
#522 2 waxed paper; parchment paper Sandy
#521 wooden shelves at landing at top of old cellar stairs, 32" x 18" x 10" Sandy [Alyssa]
#520 small glass Alyssa
#519 all magnetic Mary Ann
#518 mushroom magnet, 2" wide Julia
#516 wood kitty magnet, 2" wide Mary Ann [Kit]
#514 tiger magnet, 1.5" long Mary Ann [Kit]
#512 butterfly-on-stick magnet, about 3" long Mary Ann
#508 magnet, 2.5" long Mary Ann
#507 magnet, 2.5" diameter, a grandma's smile warms the heart Alyssa
#505 butterfly-on-stick magnet, about 3" long Mary Ann
#503 house mouse magnets, each 2.25" x 2" Sandy
Mary Ann
#502 magnets, each 2" square:
take time to smell the flowers
I love you ... I love you ... I love you!
Mary Ann
#501 magnets, each 4" x 2":
dust is a protective covering
a grandma fills the world with love
if I could choose from all the mothers in the world, Mom, I'd choose you
Mary Ann
#500 wood magnets, each 1.5" square:
Love is... Grandpa
Love is... Grandma
I love you
#499 magnets:
large 1.5" square: God could not be everywhere so He created grandmothers
small: Mothers fill the world with love
#498 magnet: Mothers hold their children's hands awhile and their hearts forever Sandy
#493 magnetic-back photo of Bethany Carol
#490 glass, 3.5" diameter Mary Ann
#488 plastic handle duster, about 31" long Mary Ann
#487 wood handle duster, about 25" long Mary Ann
#484 brand new cupcake liners Sandy
#483 5.5" x 4" metal tin with matches Sandy (matches only)
#482 16" x 12" plastic bin with lid Mary Ann
#481 sure-jell pectin, pam, dates, confectioner sugar Sandy, Mary Ann (to share)
#477 all brand new or almost full: gulf wax, cornstarch, table salt, molasses, mincemeat, miracle whip, corn meal Sandy (cornstarch, salt, molasses, miracle whip)
#476 lots of tea bags Kit
#475 Grandpa V woodenware, 11" long Mary Ann [Kit]
#474 17" metal platter Mary Ann
#472 three 3" diameter candy jars Alyssa (Mary Ann says they should have covers; we'll keep looking)
#471 yard stick, 2 foot ruler Mary Ann [Kit]
#469 mesh bag for washing nylons Sandy [Kit]
#467 potato bag Sandy
#466 bags Bethany (the cat one)
#463 broom, 55" long Sandy
#461 on refrigerator: tree drawn by Sarah Sarah
#460 on refrigerator: The Family Circus comic Mary Ann
#459 on refrigerator: LEARN: LEARN to laugh. A good laugh is better than medicine... Mary Ann [Kit, Bethany]
#454 set of dessert dishes, 3" diameter Mary Ann
#453 Wedgwood bowl and base; bowl has 8.5" diameter Mary Ann
#451 9" diameter, ceramic plate Mary Ann
#450 8.5" diameter, shallow glass serving platter, 3 sections Kit
#449 shallow serving bowl, made by Julia Julia
#446 deep glass bowl, 9" diameter Kit
#445 shallow glass bowl, 8.5" diameter Rick/Grace
#444 12" long Bethany
#443 4 large (7" diameter)
3 small (6" diameter)
(entire set; many others not shown; from Rob Gagnon)
Mary Ann
#442 there are 2 of these, for Ritz crackers Kit
#440 magnetic, goes on side of refrigerator, 10" long Mary Ann
#438 brown sugar in container, and new package Sandy
#437 5.5" diameter, etched glass Mary Ann
#436 12.5" wide Mary Ann
#435 6.5" wide Alyssa
#434 7.5" long, chipped handle Mary Ann
#433 9" long Sandy
#431 glasses Mary Ann
#429 plastic cups Mary Ann (two gold on left)
#428 these wood blocks were at the very rear of the top shelf heading down to the old cellar; not a clue Sandy/Francis (some were his)
#427 bowls Mary Ann [Kit]
#425 mug Mary Ann
#424 tea cups Mary Ann
#423 no idea; 2.5" diameter; was in the cabinet to the right of the sink, at rear (2 of these) Alyssa
#422 mugs Mary Ann
#421 china set (11 large plates, 5 small plates) Mary Ann
#420 dish set Mary Ann
#418 bread basket (without the bread!) Mary Ann
#416 cutting board Mary Ann
#414 toaster Rick
#413 african violet on kitchen window sill (live plant) Sandy [Kit, Sarah]
#412 vase (4.5" high) and silk flowers Sandy
#410 recipe holder? about 5" high Mary Ann
#409 cutting board Mary Ann
#408 tiny cutting board (from Carol to Mom on Carol's wedding) Carol
#407 hanging measuring cup and measuring spoon sets Sandy
#406 kitchen stool, 10.5" height, 12" length, 10.5" width Sandy
#403 tiny turtle, 1-1/4" long, head bobs Mary Ann
#402 squirrel knick-knack, 2" high Mary Ann [Kit, Bethany]
#401 salt/pepper Mary Ann
#399 small glass vase, 2" diameter, 2.5" high Marybelle
#396 hot plate, 8" diameter Sandy
#395 wood napkin holder Mary Ann [Kit]
#394 3 ceramic egg cups Carol, Sandy, Mary Ann [Alyssa]
#392 Betty Crocker cookbook, and two of Mom's recipe notebooks Mary Ann (both notebooks)
Sarah (Betty Crocker book)
#390 acu-rite system, time and temperature Sandy [Bethany]
Sandy: make sure you get the outside component, too.
#383 metal salt/pepper shaker holder (and the salt/pepper shakers that go with it) Carol
#382 assorted cookbooks:
  • one dish meals
  • magic bullet 10 second recipes (2 books)
  • speed cookers and canners
  • microwave cookbook
  • blue book (home canning and freezing)
Mary Ann (some)
#380 piece of masonite for making puzzles, 28" x 16" Sandy [Kit]
#379 fan decoration, 13" long Mary Ann
#378 glass bowl, 9" diameter Sandy [Sarah]
#377 wood cobbler's bench toy, 9.5" x 4" Carol [Sarah]
#376 wood cutting board with juice groove, 11.5" x 16" Sarah
#375 microwave platter cover Sandy
#374 fabric trivets, insulated (made by Carol) Rick
#371 wood paper towel holder Sandy
#370 One Solitary Life, 6" x 8" Sandy
#369 "I Need a Hug", 7" x 9" Sandy [Sarah]
#367 LOVE, 13" x 9" (from kitchen wall) Mary Ann
#366 pine cone decoration that was on front door Bethany
#365 wood spice cabinet, 3 shelves, 41" x 14" Sandy [Alyssa]
#362 SPICES!!! All boxed up and ready to go! Kit
#361 wood knick-knack shelf above microwave, 19" x 10" (height) x 6" (depth) Mary Ann [Alyssa, Kit, Bethany]
#359 assorted tupperware with lids Sandy (some);
Mary Ann (some)
#358 TV trays; set of 4 Joshua Brown
#355 300 pieces, 20" x 27", Blue Jay Sandy
#354 300 pieces, 24" x 18", Sea Shell Seashore Sandy
#353 1000 pieces, 20" x 27", Noah's Ark Carol
#352 1500 pieces, 29" x 36", Noah's Ark Sandy
#350 3 puzzles; each 49 pieces; 18cm x 18cm; kitties Sandy
#349 1000 pieces, 27" x 20", Farmer's Market Sandy
#348 200 pieces, 19" x 14", Fairies and Flowers Sandy
#347 298 pieces, 20" x 25", puppies, kittens, and flowers Sandy
#346 300 pieces, 14" x 19", horses Sarah
#345 200 pieces, 49cm x 36cm, horses by a fence Sarah
#344 300 pieces, 14" x 19", animal friends Marybelle
#343 more than 550 pieces, 18" x 24", kitty picnic Sandy
#342 300 pieces, 18" x 24", Thomas Kincaid "inspiration" Carol
#341 200 pieces, 19" x 13", living ocean Sandy
#339 more than 500 pieces, 20.5" diameter, above the canyon Marybelle
#337 1000 pieces, 25" x 32", rocking chair Mary Ann
#336 four 500 piece puzzles, each 16" x 20", birds Sandy
#335 Welcome sign, 12" x 4" Kit, Alyssa, Sarah
#331 things you put around your pants when riding a bike to keep the pants from getting caught in the chain Mary Ann (one of silver arm bands)
#330 winter accessories Mary Ann (Dad's black scarf)
#328 umbrella Marybelle
#327 Mary Ann had this box labeled ‘give-away pile’ Alyssa (tennis balls only)
#326 winter accessories Mary Ann
#325 box of batteries Sandy
#324 box of light bulbs Sandy
#323 box of extension cords etc. Mary Ann (screw-in adjustable setting part);
#322 the compost bin, about 10" diameter Mary Ann
#321 shoe box of light bulbs Alyssa
#319 cut glass bud vase, 6" high Mary Ann [Marybelle]
#317 2 cookie jars, each 4.5" x 4.5" x 9.5" Kit, Alyssa
#286 electronics Mary Ann (black box, battery tester, sodering iron)
#285 small pressed-flower wall hangings in foyer; each 5" x 6" Mary Ann
#284 Rob Gagnon painting in foyer; 15" x 12" Mary Ann
#283 plastic camping plate/cup/silverware in mesh bag Kit
#282 stainless steel bowl, 6" diameter Kit
#281 farberware plastic lid, 8" diameter Mary Ann
#280 2 spare lids: 6" and 7" diameters Mary Ann
#275 2 broiler pans Mary Ann (front one only)
#274 paper plates, napkins, cups Kit
#270 plastic silverware Sandy
#268 hamilton beach single-serve blender ("take the drink to go") Sandy [Marybelle]
#267 2 silverware trays Sandy (white one only)
#266 2 small knick-knacks (very cute): 1 bunny with mushrooms, 1 turtle; each about 3" long Bethany
#265 triangular soapstone (?) container, about 5" across
Mary Ann says it's an incense holder
Carol (but definitely won't be using it for incense!)
#262 large Mary statue, about 25" high;
Mary Ann says must stay in family
Mary Ann
#261 kid's chalk (for writing on driveways, etc.) Sandy [Bethany]
#260 Dad's hatchet (above garage back door) Kit
#259 garden chimes (for scaring animals away) Sandy [Joshua Brown, Marybelle]
#258 2 thick metal cables, each about 40" long Mary Ann
#256 small cooler, about 14" across Sandy [Marybelle]
#250 4 large vases Mary Ann (tall spiral vase only)
#249 shelf unit to right of kitchen/garage door; 35" wide, 31" tall Kit
#246 fishing net;
lots of stretchy cables (for attaching things to cars, etc.)
Sandy [Kit]
#245 bicycle lock Kit
#243 reflector markers (for winter, to mark driveway) Sandy [Joshua Brown]
#241 8" long, goes on a standard propane tank (perhaps for a camp stove?)
Mary Ann says goes with the camp stove
Mary Ann
#240 each about 9" square, wicker baskets Bethany
#239 canning supplies Mary Ann
#238 foam Rick
#236 wicker plate holders Sandy
#235 Bulgaria coasters Mary Ann
#233 Space facts; star finder Marybelle
  • electricity and magnetism, part 1, static fields
  • electricity and magnetism, part 2, maxwell's equations
  • electricity and magnetism, part 3, circuit concepts from the field equations
  • electricity and magnetism, part 4, circuits
  • Dad's book of notes, labeled "ENGR HANDBK"
  • good nutrition
  • ageless body, timeless mind; deepak chopra
  • lines, networks and filters: hardcover
  • electrical transmission of power and signals: hardcover
  • the measurement of power spectra
  • an introduction to optimal estimation: hardcover
  • maximum entropy spectral analysis
  • frequency analysis modulation and noise: hardcover
  • 40 uses for germanium diodes
  • theory of functions, part II
  • theory of functions, part I
  • elements of the theory of functions
  • asymptotic expansions
  • infinite sequences and series
  • introduction to bessel functions
Mary Ann (the "good nutrition" book)
  • US Dept. of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards, Applied Mathematics Series
  • Tables of Sines and Cosines to Fifteen Decimal Places at Hundredths of a Degree
  • Tables of Coefficients for the Numerical Calculation of Laplace Transforms
  • Notes on the statistical transformation of variables
  • least square regression models
  • Dad's notebook, labeled "Mector Notebook I" (NOT a typo!)
  • college algebra
  • introduction to numerical analysis
  • numerical methods in fortran
  • numerical mathematical analysis
  • numerical methods for scientists and engineers
  • trigonometry for today
  • advanced calculus
  • control systems synthesis
Julia (Tables of Sines and Cosines to Fifteen Decimal Places at Hundredths of a Degree; Notes on the statistical transformation of variables; least square regression models
  • intermediate algebra for college students
  • approximations for digital computers
  • methods of applied mathematics
  • reference notes on basic statistics and probability
  • tables of secants and cosecants
  • notes on statistical error propagation
  • table of fresnel integrals
  • probability table for the analysis of extreme-value data
  • a guide to tables of the normal probability integral
  • table of powers of complex numbers
Julia (reference notes on basic statistics and probability; notes on statistical error propagation)
#227 Grandpa V woodenware, 9.5" square Mary Ann [Kit, Bethany, Alyssa]
#225 very sturdy crate, 15" x 13" Sandy [Kit]
  • spinning tops and gyroscopic motion
  • theoretical mechanics
  • alternating current circuits
  • control system analysis and synthesis
  • fourier methods
  • radio engineers handbook
  • scout field book, boy scouts of America
  • a compendium of spherical astronomy
  • glow lamp manual
  • spherical astronomy
  • modern spectral estimation
  • diskette reference manual
Kit (alternating current circuits, radio engineers handbook, scout field book)
#223 chair cushions from kitchen chairs Sandy
#220 Dad's notes: engineering analysis; tab for transform method Julia
  • plane geometry
  • first year college math with applications
  • calculus and analytic geometry
  • advanced engineering mathematics
  • terms, tables, and skills
  • applied statistics, hardcover
  • applied statistics, softcover
Julia (plane geometry; maybe stats books)
#218 Mom and Dad's wedding cake topper, about 4" tall Mary Ann
#216 Farberware cordless electric kettle Rick
#213 metal, about 12" x 9"; separators for standard metal filing cabinets Mary Ann
#207 beautiful soft black leather case, 17"x12" Bethany
#204 2 hanging plant holders, macrame (maybe made by Carol?) Marybelle
#200 3 metal boxes: for 3"x5" cards; 4"x6" cards; large is about 9"x6" Kit
#192 Radio Shack wireless intercom, 2 units Rick
#190 cyberpower 425Va, about 10" x 6" Rick
#186 throw blanket Rick
#185 throw blanket Bethany
#183 the memory book from Mom's funeral; someone should at least take charge of the several pages which guests to the funeral home signed Mary Ann
#182 corner knick-knack shelf Mary Ann [Bethany, Julia, Joshua Brown]
#181 duck tile, was above TV, 8" square Alyssa
#180 Footprints, about 16" x 13" Mary Ann
#179 flower/letter holder, made by Grandpa V, 5" x 11" Mary Ann
Note: There are similar items (unfinished) in the cellar, which have not yet been processed.
#178 wooden ducks in heart, 8" x 7"; made by Leo J. (Mom's relative) Alyssa
#176 Mary holding child flower holder, Haeger potteries, Inc., 12" tall Carol/Ray
#174 wooden bowl, 7" high, 8.5" diameter Rick [Bethany, Ben]
#173 brass bell, wooden handle, great sound, 8.5" high Sandy
#172 crystal bell, 8.5" high Bethany
#170 conch shell, 6" long Rick
#168 wooden tulip, 9" high Kit
#167 wooden bird, about 5" long Mary Ann [Bethany, Kit]
#163 paper flowers in a pottery bud vase, vase is 6" high Mary Ann
#161 wooden duck, 4" high; made by Leo J. (Mom's relative) Mary Ann
#160 metal Mary? on stone base, 11" high Alyssa
#159 2 doilies: 8", 5"; wood star; white rock with tiny cross attached; pretty black rock Rick/Grace
  • the Golden Legend; legends of the Saints
  • Better Homes & Gardens Handyman's Book
  • the beautiful land: America (book of photographs)
  • the New American Bible
  • Carol/Ray: the New American Bible
  • Sandy: the Golden Legend; legends of the Saints
  • He touched me, my pilgrimage of prayer
  • Explaining the gospels
  • 300 expert tips & techniques (organic gardening)
  • Searching the Scriptures, Dougherty, a popular introduction to the bible
  • Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
  • the Scofield Reference Bible, inscribed "Jim Vreeland, given to me by Chuck, Christmas '48", copyright 1917
  • new Baltimore Catechism and Mass, official revised edition 1949
  • the Penguin Dictionary of Saints
  • Family Word Finder, a new thesaurus of synonyms and antonyms in dictionary form
  • Games of the World: How to make them, how to play them, how they came to be
  • Someone Cares: the collected poems of Helen Steiner Rice
  • Home Remedies
  • Pope Paul VI Holy BIble, Papal edition
  • Carol/Ray: the Penguin Dictionary of Saints
  • Sandy: Explaining the gospels
  • Sandy: Games of the World
  • official rules of card games, 69th edition
  • report writing, third edition
  • starting out in chess
  • Yankee Home Hints
  • Paul Gallico's The Small Miracle, a story of faith and love
  • grow the best asparagus
  • 150 ways to play solitaire
  • 50 card games for children
  • pocket book of chess
  • the Kingfisher, poems by Amy Clampitt (who lived in the Knight's house)
  • loving each other, the challenge of human relationships
  • Elson's music dictionary
  • Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
  • Mary Ann: Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary
  • Mary Ann: starting out in chess
  • Sandy: grow the best asparagus
  • Sandy: the Kingfisher
  • Sandy: 50 card games for children
  • Sandy: 150 ways to play solitaire
  • treasures from the heart, poetry, by Esther Charlebois, inscribed "to Jim, Pauline & family, with my best wishes, love Esther"
  • organic gardeing harvest book
  • biennials
  • annuals
  • 101 ways to love, grow and care for house plants
  • terrariums & miniature gardens
  • healing power of herbs
  • birds
  • potatoes, sweet and Irish
  • grow the best strawberries
  • flower arranging by number
  • grow a butterfly garden
  • terrific tomatoes
  • don't throw that out, a pennywise parent's guide to creative uses for over 200 household items
  • mother nature's secrets for thriving indoor plants
  • Sandy: grow the best strawberries
  • Sarah: biennials
  • Sarah: annuals
  • Sarah: 101 ways to love, grow and care for house plants
  • Sarah: terrariums & miniature gardens
  • Sarah: grow a butterfly garden
  • embodied in love (sacramental spirituality and sexual intimacy)
  • in the heart of the world, Mother Teresa
  • boning up on osteoporosis
  • Gift from the Sea, an answer to the conflicts in our lives
  • fix it, clean it, and make it last
  • Mary the mother of Jesus
  • When the time comes, a caregiver's guide, HospiceCare
  • the ABCs of angels (Christmas gift to Jean, 1992)
  • unconditional love
  • "Send me your guardian angel", Padre Pio
  • how to go on living when someone you love dies
  • catechism of the catholic church
  • Sandy: in the heart of the world, Mother Teresa
  • Sandy: Mary the mother of Jesus
  • Mary Ann: When the time comes, a caregiver's guide, HospiceCare
  • Mary Ann: how to go on living when someone you love dies
#141 about 20 4" x 5.5" postcards with various amounts of pre-paid postage (14¢, 10¢ etc.) Alyssa
#140 5.5" x 3" glass plate (with 4 felt pads) Sandy
#139 10" x 8" magnifying sheet Rick
#138 dividers for notebooks, carbon paper, untabbed double pocket dividers Sandy
#137 many 3-ring notebooks divide between
Mary Ann
#132 9" closed, 15" fully open; 3 tension rods Rick
#130 Liz Claiborne accessories purse, maybe real leather?, snap closure, 9" wide, excellent condition Carol
#127 brand new heart kitchen utensils (Mary Ann bought for Jean) Marybelle
#120 9 brand-new #2 pencils Sandy
#119 tiny jar of teeny-tiny paper clips; 1/4" width, 1/2" length; so cute; 3" high jar Bethany gets the tiny bottle;
Alyssa gets the clips inside
#118 2" x 3" box with quill pen nibs Alyssa
#116 poly twine, perhaps 2-3 yards? Mary Ann
#114 Sprague capacitor indicator, wheels for capacitance, MMFD; tolerance; votlage, 5" long Rick
#113 3" x 4.5" framed photo (young Julia), was displayed in Dad's study (can change photo) Carol
#112 5" x 7" framed photo (Carol's wedding; Rick's kids), was displayed in Dad's study (can change photo) Julia
#108 multi-function "rolling ruler": vertical & horizontal lines, parallel lines, circles, arcs, angles, crosshatching, squares, quadrants; instructions on back of box Rick
#107 self-adhesive index tabs; file folder tabs; tabs for dividers Sandy
#106 assortment of sticky labels, alphabet stickers, reinforcements, etc. Sandy [Alyssa]
#102 collection of templates (circles, etc.) Mary Ann
Sandy (split) [Alyssa]
#103 ceramic pencil holder, used in Dad's study Alyssa
#101 roll of JB Vreeland address labels Rick
#97 onyx 2" cube, paper-weight Rick
#96 mechanical pencils; 10-lifetime supply of various-sized pencil leads Alyssa
#95 14" wood-handle brush Mary Ann, Sandy
#93 2 small calculators, both work (largest is 4" x 5") Mary Ann (blue one)
#89 near-full box of carbon-attached second sheets, Quill, 8.5" x 11" Rick
#88 fountain pen Alyssa
#87 shoe box of miscellaneous pads of paper and tiny 6-ring notebooks Alyssa
#86 wood lap desk, bought at Kimball Farms for Dad while there, handpainted by ladies there, 32" wide, Dad used it at Kimball Farms Kit
#83 Cross pens: single is a pen; double is pen/pencil; pencil is engraved "J.B.Vreeland" Rick
#82 3 plastic hanging wall files; 13" wide Rick
#80 family tree, made by Grace, 13" tall; was on wall in living room Julia
#79 Bach gave us God's word; Mozart gave us God's laughter; Beethoven gave us God's fire; God gave us music that we might pray without words; 8" x 10"; was in living room wall Carol [Sarah]
#78 Jesus, 12.5" x 16.5", was on wall in living room Marybelle
#71 Always Looking Up, Michael J. Fox, hardcover, 2009 Julia
#61 Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (A Year of Food Life), Barbara Kingsolver, 2007, softcover Kit
#60 In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan, 2008, perfect condition, hardcover Kit
#59 nylon cord, 6" tube Mary Ann
#53 Wei's Klip-Master "this unusual invention is a flawless quality, and perfect device performing for offices and homes"; it appears to be like a stapler; the device and many clips for use in the device are here, plus instructions Carol
#43 2 18" fluorescent under cabinet lights; 1 wrapped in newspaper; condition unknown Mary Ann
#40 heater from Dad's study, 17" x 16" x 8", works fine Mary Ann
#36 tracing medium, Frederick Post Company, 139A, Addison/bond paper, 100% rag, extra fine tooth, 22" x 34", originally was 100 yards (some might be used up, but there's a lot left) Rick
#32 tub safety handle attachment; about 17" long; was used in main bathroom Rick
#31 Kalamazoo Model Two (Product of Chicago Musical Instrument Co.), 110-120 volts, 60 cycles, 0.35 amp; working condition unknown, about 16" x 14" Kit
#28 Maxi-Pro II 124 key programmable keyboard, unopened box, stamp on label says March 1995 Rick
#27 Hewlett-Packard battery charger;
(3) blank program card holders;
program cards
#26 (2) Ohmite Ohm's Law Calculator, Parallel Resistance Calculator Rick
#25 assortment of small wicker baskets (largest about 12" long) Mary Ann (large one with handles);
#22 plastic bag holder, likely sewn by Grandma Sarah
#21 plastic placemats: 4 care bear, 3 halloween, 1 time Alyssa (time to tell only)
#19 Coleman QuickPump; do not know if works Mary Ann
#18 neck pillow, about 18" long Bethany
#16 hand mirror, about 14" long Rick
#15 one-time use 35mm camera (only one) Alyssa
#13 frog shower puppet Alyssa
#11 plastic container: Q-tips, cotton balls, about 4" diameter Sarah
#9 glass kitty night light, about 5" tall Kit
#7 2 watches:
Mary Ann says cannot be repaired
Seiko quartz
Watchit quartz
#6 nail care etc.:
small scissors, clippers, tweezers
#5 small wall lamp Rick
#4 bathroom scale (we believe it's very high) Kit
#3 large bag is an LLBean zippered boat bag Bethany
#1 27" x 15" Kit