My Mission Statement:

Dr. Carol JVF Burns
Each day, do something good for my mind, body, and spirit.

Out of discipline comes flexibility.

Keep life simple.

little things + regularity + time = big things

Live in the present.

Listen first.
Think before speaking or acting, and choose kindness in response.
Be sincere, positive, and compassionate. Smile. Spread joy.

Strive to understand ideas well enough so that they become simple.
In explaining them to others, remember their complexity.

Use my strengths, talents, and resources to help others.

Believe in the body's incredible self-healing abilities.

We cannot know the truth of all things.
I can believe something because it's worth believing in.

Read to others, especially children.
Always be in the midst of reading a good book.

Exercise moderation in all things.

When thirsty, drink water.