Embrilliance Stitch Artist Level 1

In August 2020, I purchased Stitch Artist Level 1 from Embrilliance,
to create custom designs for my granddaughter's memory quilt.
The primary use of Stitch Artist is to trace an image, adding edge stitches and fills,
to create a custom stitch design.
I love it!
I've compiled this page for my notes and links on using this incredible software.
Here's the entire playlist for Stitch Artist by the software creators.
I recommend the order below for learning to use the software:

Stitch Artist Level 1 Controls—Part 1 (17:40)
This introduces you to the essential skills/tools in Stitch Artist Level 1.
Digitizing a Snowman Using the Magic Wand (6:38)
Practice the essential skills learned above, in a complete project.
Only new features are noted below:
Removing Hidden Stitches in Original Creations: