Things I Love (Gift Ideas)

This page lists some things that I own and/or love. Perhaps you'll like them, too.


Math Flavor

Q.E.D. Beauty in Mathematical Proof

QED is Latin for quod erat demonstrandum—roughly ‘that which was to be shown’—and is often used as an end-of-proof marker.

This little book was a gift from a student. It rescued me in a particularly unmotivated class—I started throwing in bits and pieces from this book, and it won them over.

Every page offers a proof by picture, and gives new meaning to a picture is worth a thousand words. The illustrations are exquisite. I've given this book as a gift many times. Or, keep it on a coffee table to entertain your visitors!

This was a gift from my daughter for Christmas 2003. Every time I pick it up, it makes me smile! It's a ‘Romance in Lower Mathematics’ ...

A straight line is hopelessly in love with a dot. The dot is infatuated by a wild and unkempt squiggle. How can the dull, conventional line compete?

The illustrations in this book are incredible, as the line realizes the power it possesses.

(However, at the end, I'm always stuck with the same thought—the line deserves much better!)

For Younger Readers

We love all of Bill Peet's books. This is just one of many.

“I'm tired of wandering,” said Cyrus one day. “I wish there was something more exciting to do. I'd like to have some fun for a change.”

For Older Readers