audio read-through Translating Simple Mathematical Phrases


Translate each of the following phrases into a mathematical expression:

The sum of a number and $\,3\,$ $x + 3$
The product of a number and $\,3\,$ $3x$
The sum of two numbers $x + y$
Three times the sum of two numbers $3(x + y)$
Three times a number $3x$
Three less than a number $x - 3$
A number, less $\,3\,$ $x - 3$
Three more than a number $x + 3$
A number, plus $\,3\,$ $x + 3$
The square of a number $x^2$
The square of three times a number $(3x)^2$
Three times the square of a number $3x^2$
One-third of a number $\frac{x}{3}$   or   $\frac 13 x$
One less than $\,3\,$ times a number $3x - 1$
Two more than $\,5\,$ times a number $5x + 2$   or   $2 + 5x$
The square of the sum of two numbers $(x + y)^2$
The sum of the squares of two numbers $x^2 + y^2$

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