audio read-through Rewriting Fractions as a Whole Number plus a Fraction

Note that: $$ \begin{align} \cssId{s5}{\frac{23}7} &\ \cssId{s6}{= \ \frac{21+2}7} \cr\cr &\ \cssId{s7}{= \ \frac{21}7 + \frac{2}7}\cr\cr &\ \cssId{s8}{= \ 3 + \frac 27} \end{align} $$

Thought process:

How many times does $\,7\,$ go into $\,23\,$? (Answer: $\,3\,$ times)

How many are left over? (Answer: $\,2\,$ left over)

You will be given a fraction, and asked for the whole number and fraction part, like this:


Consider this fraction:   $\displaystyle\frac{23}7$

What is the whole number part?
What is the fraction part?

The whole number part is: $\,3$
The fraction part is: $\displaystyle\,\frac{2}7$


Note that you will type the fraction part as a diagonal fraction, (like $\,2/7\,$), since you can't type a horizontal fraction.

In this web exercise, you do not need to simplify the fraction part when reporting your answer.

Type the WHOLE NUMBER part here:
Type the FRACTION part here: